First Points Event Coverage

Let The Games Begin! By Matt Skibisky


It’s that time of the year again! Leaky Fiero’s, smoking Miata’s, and a spin-cycle 350z….yep…autocross time! 63 drivers showed up on a beautiful Sunday morning to burn some rubber.

The course started out with a drag strip straight with a slight kink in it. Less powerful cars could run flat-out through the whole straight, while the more powerful cars had to tap the brakes. After the straight came two 90 degree half boxes, turning the cars around and pointing them back towards the paddock, where a high speed right sweeper flew right into a crossover. A very tight right hander slowed the cars down even more, and a short straight followed that. Throttle control was essential in the next turn: an increasing radius left hander which tightened down into an offset slalom into the finish.


On to the results


Winning Super Stock, being bumped from B Stock, was John Williamson. John peddled his STI to a half second win with a 32.199. Putting a hurting on C Stock was Tom Mak. Mak powered his 370z to beat Charlie Aucoin’s Miata with a 31.288. Maybe next time Charlie. Making the move from C Prepared to D Stock in his new Mustang V6, Sam Derjue led the way Sunday over Andrew Grigg’s MazdaSpeed3, and 3 Mini Coopers. Derjue finished with a quick 32.652. Winning G Stock in his MazdaSpeed Protégé with a 33.832 is Raymond Chang.

B Street Prepared was home of the fastest time of the day, with Jim Matons making it into the 29’s. With the only 29 of the day, Jim led the way all day, with his son, Claude, taking home second. D Street Prepared was led by the GTI of Matt Cummings. Cummings had the ZX2 of Jason Meyers breathing down his neck all day, but Cummings held off Meyers by a mere 3 tenths of second, winning with a 31.706.

X prepared was full of American Muscle, as Phil Mackaronis’ beefy 94 Camaro laid down a very fast, near FTD time of 30.283. F Prepared was dominated by the newly refurbished Fiero of Mario Anonymus, aka Bob Doiron. Doiron led the 944 of Bob Nogiec by almost 3 seconds, finishing with a 31.136.

Being split apart from STA for the 2012 season, STR was full of Miatas. Taking home a first place was the mean looking Miata of Jim Jaffe. Jaffe led Dennis Ivanov’s 2006 Miata by 7 tenths, winning with a speedy 31.967.

Street Mod was one of the larger classes of the day, and who else led the way but the 2011 Driver of the year, Nick Fandacone. Fandacone put in a time that was good enough for second fastest of the day, 30.222. Oddly enough, Nicky kept all the cones upright all day. Coming in second in SM was Paul Omichinski with a 31.295, and third place, John Rickermann.

Z Novice was won by the Outback Turbo of Toby Bloom with a 33.030.

Y Novice was won by the Volvo of Kevin Farrington with a 32.121.

X Novie was won by the Civic of Sean Neal with a 34.187.


All winning Novices are now moved to their appropriate classes.


Our next autocross is May 6th at LAZ. Hope to see you there!