Mohegan Sun 5.20 Event Write Up

Run at the Sun by Matt Skibisky

What’s better than waking up early on a sunny Sunday morning and going to the casino? Going to the casino to race! We haven’t run at a new venue since Thompson and that all changed Sunday when we went down to Mohegan Sun to run at their turtle lot. We weren’t used to smooth pavement, so the grip was much better than usual.


The course started with a quick right/left followed by a long right sweeper. Heavy braking and precise car control was needed as a tight S led right into a sharp right: the tightest turn of the course. A short straight led into another precise braking right hander. A long straight followed that with a slight kink in the middle of it. As you neared the far end of the lot, you got on the brakes for an opening left hander. A series of slaloms finished the course.


Bumps were not made so here are the results of classes with more than one car from the 115 car field.


John Williamson took the B Stock win in his STI with a 40.593 over the S2000 of Jeff Mayome. Beating up on C Stock with a second and a half win was Tom Mak’s 370z. Mak got his power down where he needed too while maintaining the grip to lay down a 39.174. Although Mak got the C Stock win, Tom Cavuoto got the overall Stock FTD in his Super Stock Z06 with a blistering 38.359. D Stock saw a new name leading the way Sunday with Ken Johnson and John Westermann falling short to the WRX of Keith Jurgensen. Jurgensen led with a 40.962. D Stock has seen many different leaders this year, and still promises to be a shootout till the last event. Taking the E Stock win in his Miata is David Fuller with a 44.639. G Stock was won by the Civic Si of Andrew Guerra. Guerra led his co-driver by a second, winning with a 40.161.


B Street Prepared was one of the largest classes as usual. Brian Elzin was the faster of the 2 Corvettes, leading Joe Solury by a half second with a 38.474. C Street Prepared was the largest non-rookie class of the day with 10 entries. Third place was taken by Paul Omichinski, and second by Quinn Kizis. Joe Barbato could not be caught all day, and put a time down that was near to raw FTD: 38.213. Don Goerle’s GTI was the fastest D Street Prepared car as he peddled around the twisty course with a 39.669. Cole Leether tried to make it back to back wins Sunday in E Street Prepared but Erik Carlson made Cole settle for second place as Carlson was untouchable all day. Carlson had the win by his second run but decided to save his fastest run for last, muscling his GT Mustang to a 39.102. Just finishing behind his son Cole was John Leether who ran clean all day. F Street Prepared was missing the Maroon/Lime Green/Yellow/Red/etc. Escort of returning FSP Champ Jason Meyers Sunday. Taking his place on top of FSP with his first win of 2012 was Peter Omichinski in his GTI with a time of 41.456.


X Prepared was once again home of the Fastest Time of the Day. And the honor goes to….Mr. John Santos in his Factory Five Cobra. Leading XP all day was Jay Bode but in Santos’ last run, he took the win away while taking FTD with a 37.740.


Another FTD contender of the day was the winner of C Prepared, Phil Mackaronis. Mackaronis got all that rubber to stick on his Camaro to finish with a 37.947.

Speaking of untouchable, we move on to F Prepared, where Bob Doiron took the lead on run 2 and walked away with it, leading Tom Martyniak by almost two and half seconds. Doiron finished with a 39.779.


Winning STF while beating his co-driver in his Civic was James Reinle with a 42.287.

Street Tire Roadster was overflowing with Miata’s Sunday. Dennis Ivanov showed up with his new wheels and sticky tires, but apparently Jim Jaffe wasn’t intimidated as Jaffe led the way once again with a 39.095. Winning STU in his Subaru STI was Scott Murray with a 41.439.


A Fandacone-less Street Mod saw a new face on top: Colby Norwood. Colby just barely nudged off Eric Schneider off of the top spot in his final run, winning with a 39.102. Another new class to CART in 2012, SMF, was led by the Civic SI of John Rickermann. Rickermann led Ronique Wright all day, winning with a 40.251. For the majority of the day, Justin Baltrucki had FTD, with his fastest time being his first run. Baltrucki took the SSM win in his Miata with a 38.161.


Z Novice was won by the G37 of Sam Ramers with a 39.038.

Y Novice was won by the Miata of Evan Piacente with a 40.109.

X Novice was won by the Mazda3 of Matt Delilla with a 42.855.


I would like to thank ALL who came out Sunday. The day was a HUGE success, and hopefully we will have some events there in the future. We have not had 115 cars in many events, and considering the crowd with this being our first time at Mohegan, the day went very smooth. Again, thank you to all who made this possible, especially Mark Brown.