May 6th AutoX Coverage

May 6th Autocross by Matt Skibisky

            It’s normal to expect rain during an autocross weekend, but it’s weird for it to actually be dry all day! Mother Nature was a little late Sunday, as the rain held off all day making for an ideal race day. Cool, dry pavement made for fast racing! 68 Drivers came to LAZ Sunday.


The course started with a short burst of acceleration quickly steering right into a long sweeper that outlined the whole lot. Timing the braking was critical as you led right into a decreasing radius left hander. As you go back onto the throttle for a short straight, you quickly turned left going back towards the pits, and gained a bit of speed before slowing down for another decreasing radius right hander. As you left the right hander, you got back on the gas for a quick straight which led into a very tight left hander. This corner tested the driver’s nerves and their car’s handling all day. As you flicked your steering wheel quickly to the right then to the left, you went through a wall of cones into the finish. The course tested the vehicles exit speed and constant corner handling.


On to the results!


Leading the way in C Stock was the 2011 C Stock Champ, Tom Mak. Mak powered his Nissan to a near 3 second win over the RX8 of Ray Chang with a 29.442. Looks like the 370z is the car to have in C Stock as Mak looks tough to beat. Speak of the car to have, Sam Derjue put a hurting on D Stock once again taking the win with a 30.641. Derjue apparently is making the transition from the Foxbody Mustang to the 2012 with little problems. Coming in 2nd in D Stock right behind Derjue was the WRX of Keith Jurgensen with a 30.941. Former D Stock Champ John Westermann peddled his Mini Cooper to third place but just couldn’t out power the WRX or Mustang. Mohegan and Thompson should make for great D Stock competition.


B Street Prepared was the largest class of the day, with many classes of cars joining the class. Former BSP Champs Brian Elzin and John Jankura were trying to catch the Cayman all day, but couldn’t quite do it as Jim Matons stayed ahead all day, taking not only the class win but FTD. The nimble and powerful Porsche of Matons led the day with a lightning fast 28.139. C Street Prepared saw Paul Omichinski and his Porsche taking the win over the powerful GTI of Matt Cummings and the nimble Miata of Kevin Fitzmaurice. Omichinski finished with a 29.823. Cole Leether is getting used to being on top of ESP as he takes another win. 2011 ESP Champ Mark Eastwood was leading most of the day until Leether’s 5th run: 30.495. These 2 powerful cars should be back and forth all year creating some very close racing. F Street Prepared was demolished by the current FSP jacket holder, Jason Meyers. Meyers, although having problems early in the day, got the hang of it for his 5th and 6th runs, taking the win by over a second with a 30.322. Coming in second was the Golf of Peter Omichinski.


X Prepared was led once again by Mr. FTD, Nick Fandacone. Although Fandacone led the class the entire day, he couldn’t get any more time out of his 350z, giving Matons the FTD. Nonetheless, Nicky led XP with a 28.352, with the Fiero of Chris Roddy coming in second. F Prepared aka The Bob Club was led by Bob. Coming in second was Bob, and coming in third, Bob. Mr. Doiron got his launch down as he led the way with a 30.100. Coming in second was Bob French’s Fiero with a 31.163.


Street Tire Roadster was Jaffe-less Sunday, so Matt Skibisky took advantage of his absence. Skibisky took the win with a 30.866, with second and third place finishing within a tenth of each other. Charlie Aucoin left C Stock for the day to play with the other Miatas. Aucoin barely nudged off Jim Duphiney for a second place finish.


Z Novice was won by the Corvette of Chris Faircloth with a 32.580.

Y Novice was won by the MR2 of John Barry with a 33.610.


All winning Novices and all Novices with 3 events in the books will be moved to their appropriate classes. Congratulations to all winners!


Our next event is our Monthly Meeting at the Manor Inn on May 16th. Want to be a member in good standing? Then make a meeting and make a difference! May 20th is our next autocross, “The Run at the Sun!” We will be at Mohegan Sun the 20th, so come take advantage of this awesome lot!


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