May 15

Minutes from the April Meeting


Meeting Minutes 4/18/12



Matt Skibisky

Carolyn Fitzmaurice

Bob Johnson

Marissa Johnson

Jim Jaffe

Paul Omichinski

Mark Brown

John Bubela


Bob Doiron

Kevin Fitzmaurice

Jay Bode

Bob French

Doug Myers

Chris DiFiore

John Williamson


Bob Nogiec

Barbara Doiron

Barbara Bode

Sue French

Dan Ramadanovic

Chris Roddy

Andrew Grigg




Meeting called to order at 7:01 by Bob Nogiec


Presidents Report


– Bob announced that we recently had a Board Meeting where we elected a new Chairmen of the Board


– Congratulations to our new chairmen, Bob Johnson


–         Accepted last meeting’s minutes



Treasurer’s Report


– Current on bills

– Making some money on autocrosses










Activities Director’s Report


–         The 2012 C.A.R.T Schedule is posted on numerous websites, including

–     First points event and Test n’ Tune went well

–         Business cards are in: If you would like to hand them out to friends, family, co-workers, etc. Please take a few

–         There is a conflict date for the May 19th event. We will be running May 20th (Sunday) at Mohegan Sun. Details on the website


Track Dates:


–     Limerock: June 21st

–     Pocono North: Auguest 25th (Saturday)


–         We need event chairs; contact Bob Doiron if you would like to chair an event


Merchandise Report


–         We are selling merchandise at autocrosses, bringing in some profits


Old Business


–         Bob Nogiec brought up the issue of certain people taking advantage of fun runs for going out and drifting/carelessly hitting many cones. Remember that even though the cones don’t count, people still have to pick them up. Also, if you go out and take your whole fun run sideways/careless, you will be reprimanded.


New Business


–     The MG Club will be running a rally in the fall of 2012 – Contact John Bubela for more information


Meeting Adjourned at 7:42