June 24th Coverage

Back to Thompson by Matt Skibisky

The Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team is almost halfway through the year, so it’s about time we pack up and move out to Thompson for the summer. We held our first Thompson autocross of the year last Sunday, June 24th. 73 Drivers registered Sunday to take on the very powerful course.


The course started with a long right sweeper that incorporated a slight kink to slow the car, right before the longest straight of the course. As you neared top speed at the top of the hill, precise braking was needed to hit a left hander which aimed the car for the second of the fast straights. A drag strip tested the cars acceleration and power, and was followed by a test of the brakes when a 180 degree turnaround sent you going back upon the straight, with an offset slalom. A quick left hander was followed by a quick burst of the throttle with heavier braking, for a quick left and right hander. A long offset slalom finished the course.


C Stock was once again led by Tom Mak in his 370z. Mak was the 3rd fastest overall car of the day, and was untouched in CS with a 56.324. Speaking of untouchable, the power course was heaven for the D Stock Mustang of Sam Derjue. Derjue led second place, Sean Neal’s Civic, by two and a half seconds, winning with a 59.932. Winning SSP and coming fourth overall was the GT3 of Mike Miller. Miller had a time of a 56.431.


Trying to make a habit of going home with FTD’s, Jim Matons Porsche was on all day. Jim led second place in BSP by almost 6 seconds, but just missed out on FTD. Matons was the second fastest overall car, winning BSP with a 55.298. Jason Morgan was 1 run short of leaving with a CSP win, until Paul Omichinski knocked him off the top spot in his final run of the day. Paul set his best time of the day while taking the win with a 58.666. Going for another streak was Matt Cummings, who has been dominating DSP all year. However, Matt would have to settle for second place Sunday as Phil Breault’s BMW was the top car, winning with a 58.668. E Street Prepared was one of the larger classes Sunday, but was also one of the most competitive. 1st place through 4th place were all within a second. Trying to not only beat his Father, but take the win of ESP was Cole Leether. Leether had the lead for the first two runs, until Mark Eastwood decided he wanted a win. Eastwood’s Mustang loved all the power in Sunday’s course, and he put all the power down he could. Eastwood led the way with a very quick 58.425.


Winning C Prepared and bumping off last years CP champ, Marc Boerma, was Ray Covino. Boerma took third place in his 65 Mustang, with Covino’s Co-Driver, Chris Anglin, taking second. Covino powered his Merkur to a win with a 59.984. F Prepared was once again the “Battle of the Bobs” The winning Bob of the week was: Bob Doiron! Doiron led Bob Nogiec by 4 seconds with a 58.734, keeping his FP win streak alive.


Speaking of winning Fieros, Jay Bode was lightning fast Sunday as the Legends car of Sean Colson couldn’t quick catch the speedy Bode. Jay was the 5th fastest car of the day, winning XP with a 57.717.


The biggest class of the day, STR, was also packed with tight competition…and Miatas. Jim Jaffe and Matt Skibisky settled for the bottom 2 podium spots as Denis Ivanov takes the top spot once again with a 58.723.


Nicky Fandacone took the SM lead on his first run and never looked back. Nick regained his FTD Champ honors as he was the quickest of the day with a 54.726. Looks like Thompson suits you well Nicky.


Z Novice was won by the GT3 of Zandy Nguyen with a 60.654.

Y Novice was won by the Miata of Evan Piacente with a 60.311.



Congratulations to all winners and winning Novices! We aren’t going anywhere; we will be in Thompson for the next 5 autocrosses, some come satisfy your need for speed.