June 10th Coverage

June 10th Coverage by Matt Skibisky

Apparently, Mother Nature is giving CART a break as Sunday was yet another sunny autocross day. We just came off of our Mohegan autocross which was a huge success, and with one more event before long-awaited Thompson, we return to LAZ. Jim Duphiney decided to mimic the last autocross course at LAZ, throwing in a few twists.


The course started with a short straight leading into the longest and fastest part of the course: A sweeper surrounding the perimeter of the lot. Straightening out the car was critical as heavy braking was applied to make almost a 180 degree left. As you got back onto the gas, the cars grip was measured in a decreasing radius right hander. A tight slalom flew into a half Chicago box which pointed you right towards the finish.


On to the results from the 82 car field


C Stock was once again out powered by the Nissan 370z of Tom Mak. Mak led the way with a 27.187. At this rate, it looks like Mak is going for the Autocrosser of the year award after missing it by inches last year.  D Stock was also a victim of power vs. less power as the Mustang of Sam Derjue took another win. Derjue led the Speed3 of Andrew Grigg by half a second, winning with a 28.667. Looks like the Stang’ was a good purchase, Sam! Matt Delilla saw the top of G Stock Sunday, as his Mazda3 was the quickest of 4 with a 30.141.


B Street Prepared was once again demolished by the FTD Machine of Jim Matons. Matons kept it up Sunday as he took FTD in his Cayman for the third time this year with an untouchable 26.176. Matons and Fandacone went back and forth all day fighting for the prestigious FTD, but Matons took it on his last run. C Street Prepared was won by a DSP car: The GTI of Matt Cummings. Cummings has been on a run lately, as he has rarely seen a second place. Cummings led former Driver of the Year, Paul Omichinski, by a tenth of a second, winning with a 27.586. Moving on to E Street Prepared which seems to have a new winner each week. Mark Eastwood was absent Sunday, letting John and Cole Leether breathe a bit, until they saw the Boss 302 of Liam Dwyer pull into the lot. However, the Leethers prevailed as John took the win with a 28.230. Kevin Farrington, also a new face to ESP, gave Cole a run for his money, as Kevin swiped second place with a 28.706. F Street Prepared saw the returning champ on top once again: Jason Meyers. Meyers kept last week’s winner, Peter Omichinski behind him all day as Meyers led the way with a 28.072.


The 2 Prepared classes, XP, and FP, were victims of Doiron Abuse. F Prepared was once again the “Battle of the Bob’s”. The newly “remodeled” Fiero of Bob Doiron took another win Sunday, keeping his fellow Fiero driver, Bob French, a second and a half behind him. And of course, like father, like son, as Todd Doiron took the lead of XP on his first run and never looked back. Todd finished with an impressive 27.117.


STR was full of Miata’s Sunday, but the 2006 of Denis Ivanov walked away from Jim Jaffe and Matt Skibisky and never looked back. Ivanov’s new suspension and tires seem to be working wonders as he was 4th fastest overall, winning STR with a 27.124.

Scott Murray was looking for another STU win as he was leading all day with a 28.067. Lukasz Gardocki almost stole the win, as his last run of the day was within 3 tenths of Murray’s top time, but Murray prevailed, taking the win.


Street Modified was won by the 350z of repeating FTD Champ, Nick Fandacone. Fandacone nearly took FTD, but was a tenth short of Matons time, finishing with a 26.246.

Z Novice was won by the Evo of Boris Sajic with a 29.246.

Y Novice was won by the Civic of Lenny Hong with a 28.438.

X Novice was won by the Civic of Greg Pocock with a 30.516.


Congratulations to all winners. Remember, all winning novices and novices that have competed in at least 3 autocrosses are no longer to run in the novice classes. Our next event is our first Track Day of the year at Lime Rock Park on June 21st, and our next Autocross is at Thompson Speedway on June 24th.


Don’t forget about our monthly meetings! Attend and make a difference! All information regarding track days and meetings are on the website, www.cartct.com.


Happy Motoring!