Coverage : 7/22/12 event / Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic by Matt Skibisky

Once a year, we have our annual summer picnic at Thompson Speedway, and if you missed it this year, I feel sorry for you! We had a good turnout for the Saturday member’s only event, and a great turnout for the picnic! The picnic was held at the Dining Hall at Thompson Speedway, and the food was great! After dinner, some people camped out overnight at the Speedway. A Huge thanks goes to Jim Jaffe and his wife for setting up a movie projector and putting on the movie CARS 2 for all the campers. (You know, because we didn’t get enough “Cars” during the day.)


The course Sunday was another fast one! 70 drivers registered for the point’s event. Thanks again to Tom Mak for chairing the event and making sure everything went smooth.


Speaking of Tom Mak, lets move on to the results of C Stock! Winning with a 56.665 was Mr. Event Chair. Coming in second in his shiny red RX8 was Raymond Chang with a 61.070. Getting his first win of the year in a big way was Andrew Grigg. Grigg has had trouble all year catching the Mustang of Sam Derjue, but Sunday, Grigg layed the power down in his Speed3 and (by a mere 9 hundredths of a second) held off Derjue, winning with a 60.889.


The Battle for FTD between Nick Fandacone and Jim Matons was going on all day. Although Matons couldn’t quite catch the FTD time of Fandacone, he did take the BSP win by over 2 seconds with a 54.613. Also winning by over 2 seconds was Paul Omichinski. Paul was on his game Sunday as he tops CSP with a 58.653. Coming in second and staying pretty consistent (and clean) all day was the Miata of Kevin Fitzmaurice. Making his return after being absent for the past few events was Jason Meyers. Meyers picked up right where he left off: Winning FSP. Meyers led the way in FSP with a 59.616. ESP was the largest class Sunday, with 12 drivers making up the class. (That’s almost 3000 horsepower!) Leading the way in his GT was Mark Eastwood. Mark let the ponies out to play Sunday (And trust me, they sounded pretty good) as he finished with a 59.164.


John Santos, although not quite on his usual FTD pace, was lightning fast Sunday. He was untouchable in XP as he finished with a 55.771 over Marc Boerma’s 65 Mustang. Speaking of untouchable, how bout that red Fiero in FP?! (Bob paid me to say that.) Anyways, Bob Doiron did in fact take another win Sunday over Bob French and Bob Nogiec. Although Bob D couldn’t quite break 58, he stayed consistent in the 59’s all day and fished with a 59.397.


With the Miata of Denis Ivanov MIA Sunday, Jim Jaffe had some little extra breathing room. He was the quickest of the 4 Miata’s and walked away with an STR win with a 60.381. Street Mod was ruled by King Nicky Fandacone, as he set yet another FTD winning time: 54.467.


Z Novice was won by the Boss 302 of Jonathan Roberts with a 60.960.

Y Novice was won by the Civic of Paul Gaspar with a 62.063.

Congratulations to all winners! Also, thank you to all who helped out in any way this weekend!

Our next event is back at Thompson on August 8th. Have you not been to a Thompson event yet? You have NO IDEA what you’re missing! Come out and play!