July Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes 7/18/12




Matt Skibisky

Deb Skibisky

Bob French

Sue French

John Williamson

Jim Jaffe

Jay Bode

Chris Roddy


Bob Doiron

Barbara Doiron

Jim Duphiney

Mark Eastwood

Bob Johnson

Barbara Bode

Yaro Taeger


Bob Nogiec

Kevin Fitzmaurice

Carolyn Fitzmaurice

Chris DiFiore

Bob Peplow

Tom Mak

John Bubela



Meeting called to order by Bob Nogiec at 7:03


Presidents Report


  • Accepted the June Minutes


Vice Presidents Report


  • Chris asked if anyone could help out with getting the word of our track day out on forums, internet websites, word of mouth, etc.


Treasurer’s Report


  • Bills are paid / Up to date


Activities Director’s Report


  • Future autocross dates : July: 21,22, August: 5,19
  • We will have 2 September dates at Mohegan Sun; We are waiting for approval
  • We have 1 more track day on August 25 (Saturday) at Pocono North
  • We need to start planning our TEACH program
  • Bob Johnson is working on a monitor to display the live results for the back of the trailer to eliminate the constant printing of results
  • Bob Doiron also appointed 4 people for the CART Safety Committee. The Safety Committee’s job is to make sure the course/layout/event is organized in a safe manner. On the Safety Committee is: Paul Omichinski, Bob Nogiec, Jay Bode, and Mark Eastwood


Board of Directors


  • We are working on a by-law change; the change will be posted as soon as the officers and board agree on it and present it to the members


Old Business


  • Thompson will be paving a road course, and the layout has been made. Expected start of the 1.65 road course starts in October. (Projection)


New Business


  • Board of Director Elections are done! The 2 new Board members are: Yaro Taeger, Jay Bode. Congratulations!

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40