June Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes 6/20/12



Matt Skibisky

Deb Skibisky

Bob French

Sue French

John Williamson

Jim Jaffe

Nick Fandacone


Bob Doiron

Barbara Doiron

Jim Duphiney

Mark Eastwood

Bob Johnson

Doug Myers


Bob Nogiec

Kevin Fitzmaurice

Carolyn Fitzmaurice

Chris DiFiore

Jim Matons

Dennis Polio




Presidents Report


  • Bob apologized for the mix-up in meeting locations (We were at the Country Club, not Manor Inn)
  • Accepted the April Minutes



Treasurer’s Report


  • Bills are paid / Up to date
  • Need more attendees for Pocono
  • Mohegan was profitable along with our final LAZ



Activities Director’s Report


  • Future autocross dates : June: 22, July: 8,21,22, August: 5,19
  • Few glitches at Mohegan , but was overall a success; we are working on 2 additional dates at the end of ‘12
  • No patching at Thompson yet
  • We have 1 more track day on August 25 (Saturday) at Pocono North
  • We purchased “OFFICIAL” CART shirts for all officials to aid in answering questions during events
  • The new trophies are in; we are stocked with 2nd and 3rd place trophies
  • Summer Picnic date: July 21 – Members only auto-x, Picnic, July 22 – autocross
  • NEED HEAD COUNT by July 11
  • We need to start planning our TEACH program
  • The MG club will be having a rally in early November (Date TBD)



Membership Chair


  • Not much activity during these summer months
  • We welcome our new member, Jim Matons! Congratulations Jim!



Board of Directors


  • We are working on a by-law change; the change will be posted as soon as the officers and board agree on it



Old Business


  • Bob D brought up the issue of posting results throughout the autocross day; suggested a monitor of some sort to post times instead of printing out on paper.
  • Motion passed to allow no more than 500 be spent on monitor


New Business


  • We will be having cub scouts attend the LimeRock track day in June to take some parade laps sometime throughout the day
  • We are having elections for the Board of Directors next meeting.
  • Nominees: Jay Bode, Yaro Taeger, Rob Johnson, Chris Roddy.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:17