8/15 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 8/15/12



 Chris DiFiore

Bob Doiron

Barbara Doiron

Bob Johnson

Rob Johnson

Rissa Johnson

Josh Somma

John Westermann

John Leether

John Bubela

Mark Eastwood

Doug Myers

John Williamson




Meeting called to order by Chris DiFiore at 7:01pm


Presidents Report


  • Accepted the July Minutes                                 Bob Johnson / Mark Eastwood

Remind BoD Chairman that he needs to form a nominating comm. so the comm. can submit a slate of candidates for Officers @ the Sept. meeting. At the Sept. meeting we will accept nominations from the floor. Election of Officers to be held at the October meeting.                                      Bob Doiron / Mark Eastwood

Vice Presidents Report


  • Chris asked if anyone could help out with getting the word of our track day out on forums, internet websites, word of mouth, etc.                                      Bob Doiron / Mark Eastwood


Treasurer’s Report


  • All bills are current.  I’ve filed our annual renewal for autocross insurance with  K&K  Pocono continues to be a source of concern with only 11 people signed up currently, and most of them club members.                                                                                 John Leether / Mark Eastwood


Activities Director’s Report


  • Future autocross dates : August:19 , Sept 16 at Mohegan Sun
  • We have 1 more track day on August 25 (Saturday) at Pocono North
  • We need to start planning our TEACH program Scheduled for Oct 27 2012
  • Bob Nogiec is working on MG Rally
  • Bob Johnson is working on a monitor to display the live results for the back of the trailer to eliminate the constant printing of results


Board of Directors


  • By-law change vote has been tabled until Sept Meeting             Bob Doiron / Mark Eastwood



Old Business


  • Bob Doiron Volunteered to head up the TEACH Program


New Business

  • The issue of Bumping has arisen once again and will be discussed by the Comp Committee at the end of this Season
  • By-Law Proposal Tabled until September Meeting

Meeting Adjourned at 7:33pm

Bob Doiron / Mark Eastwood