PocoYES August 25 2012

The track junkies from CART did it again and went to the Pocono North Course on August 25.  It was the usual bland selection of cars: from a novice in a Neon to an experienced driver in an Indy Eagle.  Old, new, fast, slow, we had a crazy selection of wheels.

The weather went right along with the forecast: sunny, warm, but with a great breeze.  We had a ton of people walk in to join the fun.  Pocono paved the tri oval recently and leveled out the bump back onto the oval on the North Course.  Since this is the turn that leads into the straight, and you read all your racing books, this is the most important turn on the track.  It was a lot smoother and faster than before.  That was more than you could say for the turn into the infield.  The infield is scheduled to be repaved soon, and there was a pretty good bump coming off the straight.  Of course, this is the fastest part of the track, so it was pretty interesting driving.  It was quickly settled that hugging the right side of the entrance was the least upsetting to the car.  Thanks to the pretty young girl from RacingBox for clueing me in before we got on the track. 

Because of the large number of novices, we ran heats instead of open track.  It worked out well, since the cars were evenly balanced as far as capability.  Our instructors got a workout hopping from one car to another.  The instruction must have stuck because the novices ran cleanly all day, with only one spin.  That was more than the experienced drivers could claim.  We had one minor incident, as one of our members had a senior moment and attempted to transfer the “Sprint” sign from the wall to his car.  Give the devil his due, he never lifted and kept right on going.

Thanks to the efforts of Chris Roddy, we ran the Team Relay.  It was the usual ball of confusion, since several drivers experienced mechanical ailments, and the teams were being formed almost as the racing started.  As usual, the team that could drive and count to 5 made out the best.  Congratulations to Team Subaru for pulling out the win with the least number of mistakes.  As for me, I couldn’t drive and count to five, but I could go quick and count to six.  Sigh!

Thanks to:

The CART TARTS (Track And Relay Timing Staff) A.K.A. Barb, Barb and Jen for helping with the relay timing.  Bob and Robbie for Tech, Bob D and Jay for registration, Paul and Jim D for instructing, Bob D, Todd, Chris and Kevin for getting the timing to work, Bob N for keeping it all together, Jim J, Yaro and Marc for filling in where needed and the PA Posse for flagging.  If I missed anyone, sorry, but thanks just the same.

We’ll be back at the track in 2013, so watch the site.  You already know our address.