Meeting Minutes 10/17


Meeting Minutes 10/17/12




Matt Skibisky

Deb Skibisky

Jay Bode

Barbara Bode

Bob French

Sur French


Bob Doiron

Barbara Doiron

Rob Johnson

Bob Johnson

Chris DiFiore

Jim Matons


Bob Nogiec

John Bubela

Jim Duphiney

Paul Omichinski

Doug Myers

Chris Roddy

John Williamson



Meeting called to order by Bob Nogiec at 7:03


Presidents Report


  • Accepted the September Minutes


Vice Presidents Report


  • Chris thanked all help through the year with advertising for the club (Facebook, website, etc.)
  • Chris Discussed possible news coverage possibilities for T.E.A.C.H.

Treasurer’s Report


  • Bills and insurance are paid / Up to date


Activities Director’s Report


  • Future autocross dates: October 28
  • TEACH Date: October 27 (Saturday)
  • The final autocross will have free fun runs, compensating for the “missed” event prior
  • Possible track dates for 2013: Pocono South: August 17
  • Will need volunteers for TEACH! (Oct 27) Please get there are 7:00 am.
  • The MG rally will be held on November 3rd. We need some volunteers for that as well.
  • Bob Johnson is working on the monitor for the rear of the timing trailor
  • Bob Doiron brought up things we need to start discussing: Bumping for 2013, Christmas Party date (Dec 15) and the Banquet (Feb 9)


Board of Directors


  • Membership frees will stay 30/40
  • Autocross fees will rise by 5$ for the 2013 season for emergency fund


New Business


  • We need to think of donation possibilities for the next meeting.
  • Mohegan Sun – 1000 donation
  • Cost of raising the price of autocross fees for “emergency fund” has been tabled till next meeting due to lack of past cost structure information. Once more info is found, nothing shall be decided.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10