October 14th Event Coverage by Matt Skibisky

October 14th Event Coverage by Matt Skibisky

I think I ended up looking at my phone 20 times yesterday, checking the radar, hoping for clear skies. It was a bit rainy in the morning. Around noontime it cleared up and the sun came out strong, and the run times dropped big time. Dry track + sticky tires = Lots of fun! The course Sunday was a bit faster than the normal LAZ track, so although the twists and turns tested all the cars’ handling, power was also needed to get up to speed for some very long sweepers.


On to the results..


Tom Mak, being the lone C Stock car, won surprisingly! Mak was quick all day, even in the rain, and his times reflected it. His best time was a 36.155. D Stock was very close all day. Sam Derjue loved Thompson with all the power courses, and his Mustang loved power courses. However, at LAZ, the nimble MazdaSpeed3 of Andrew Grigg and Mini Cooper S of Brad Snow out-maneuvered Derjue, putting Derjue in third. Brad Snow had FTD for awhile while it was wet out, but once it dried up, Grigg got his Direzza’s to stick, and kept Snow behind him. Grigg won DS with a 37.348, with Snow finishing less than 2 tenths behind him.


Jim Matons took another FTD Sunday. Matons showed us that his Cayman S isn’t just a straight line car; it can turn with the best of them. Matons drove flawlessly all day, keeping the sea of Corvettes out of the top spot. Matons took FTD and the BSP win with a 33.557. C Street Prepared saw an unusual battle Sunday: Monster Volkswagen vs Loud Porsche. Winner? Matt Cummings’ VW was fast all day as usual, but being bumped from DSP hurt him as he couldn’t quite catch the nimble Porsche of Paul Omichinski. Paul took the win with a 34.999. With E Street Prepared being all Fords, you are probably guessing it was a Mustang that took the win. Surprisingly, Jason Meyers beat up on the 8 cylinder ‘Stangs with his 4 cylinder Escort. Meyers stepped up to the plate Sunday, winning with a very fast 36.346.


Very close to an FTD was the X Prepared Factory Five Cobra of John Santos. Santos couldn’t quite catch Matons’ top time, but did manage to take the XP win with a 33.920.

F Prepared saw a few more faces than usual, but it didn’t stop Bob Doiron from taking another win. Doiron has not lost all year and kept the streak alive Sunday, winning with a 36.093.


Street Touring Roadster saw quite the back and forth battle Sunday. Rob Carter took the lead early in his 95 Miata, but once the rain dried up, Matt Skibisky got his car straightened out and laid down what looked like a sure win time of 36.984. Jim Jaffe saved his best for last, and he picked up 2 seconds from his 3rd run, and an additional 4 tenths to his last run, nudging Skibisky off the top spot. Jaffe led the way with a 36.787.


Scott Murray was drooling when he saw the rain, but apparently his STI likes dry weather too, as his fastest time of a 36.119 came late in the day, and gave him the STU win by almost 2 seconds over the Civic of Greg Pocock.

Taking the SM win sideways was Nick Fandacone. Nick couldn’t keep his rear tires planted all day, but he was still quick as he won with a 34.500.


Winning XN in his 95 Miata was Will Ferguson with a 40.997.

Winning YN in his Chevy Z24 was Pete Santagati with a 41.887.

Winning ZN in his Mustang GT was Daniel Hornik with a 38.017.


Congratulations to all winners, and remember: Novice winners and all Novices with 3 events under their belt are no longer Novices and will be moved to their appropriate classes. Our next event is at LAZ on October 28th, but that Saturday, the 27th, is our TEACH program. We still need volunteers, so please email Bob Doiron if you are interested in volunteering and remember to check back on the website for updates!