New Event: Run Your Socks Off

We are considering an additional event this summer called: Run Your Socks Off.

This event is targeted at those drivers who would like to maximize their seat time on an autocross course. Half hour back to back sessions. You do your run and you line back up.

During a session 10 drivers will be working, 10 drivers driving and 10 drivers taking a break before they do their working session. The event will be capped at 30 drivers. This event is not for novice drivers. You will need to get your novice walk-through during a regular event.

This is an official CART event and counts as attendance for member in good standing. However it will not count as a points event. Because of the small group there will be no classes and only FTD takes a trophy.

The event will run from 11 till 3:30. Per session we expect each driver to get about 10 runs, 30 runs for the entire day.

Also recorded times are not guaranteed. We will run even if the computer goes down.

To cover the expenses the entry fee is slightly higher at $60 (regardless if you are a member, officer or non member). You’ll be able to register online at which time payment is due.

If this sounds like an event you would be interested in, please let us know:

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