3/20 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes 3/20/13



Matt Skibisky

Deb Skibisky

Joe Skibisky

John Bubela

Bob Charles

Chris DiFiore

John Leether

Paul Omichinski

Dennis Polio

Drew Grigg


Bob Doiron

Barb Doiron

Jim Jaffe

Kevin Fitzmaurice

Carolyn Fitzmaurice

Jay Bode

Barb Bode

John Williamson

Joe Rathbun

Chris Roddy


Bob Nogiec

Doug Myers

John Westermann

Chris Faircloth

Phil Breault

Bob Johnson

Bill Denvir

Karen Denvir

Robert Claudio

Tom Mak



Meeting called to order by Bob Doiron at 7:08


Presidents Report


  • Welcomed all new members


Vice Presidents Report


  • Website has been updated with pricing for track days
  • We are on MotorsportsReg and Grassroots (Schedule)


Treasurer’s Report


  • Bills are paid




  • Currently working on new membership “Welcome Packet”



Activities Director’s Report


  • We had a meeting the previous week
  • Approved the schedule
  • The next meeting will be at Dom’s Brickhouse in Prospect. Info is on the website.
  • Autocross Chairs :

–          April 7th (Member’s only) – Chris Roddy

–          April 21st (First points event) – Matt Skibisky

–          May 5th – Bob Johnson

–          May 19 – Tom Mak


Board of Directors


  • We had a B.O.D. meeting to discuss a few things such as track day pricing and procedure
  • We need to establish a nominating committee for new officers




  • No merch has been sold recently


Old Business


  • Discussed purchasing the wireless timing system and mounting a monitor on the rear of the trailor
  • Motion to buy display and wireless system: Passed
  • Track day intercom system has arrived
  • Yaro has asked to buy the networking option
  • Paul is working on registration and insurance for the trailer
  • Marc/Yaro are still working on the “Run Your Socks Off”
  • Bob D – bought 2 new fire extinguishers for the trailer
  • We need new tires for the cone trailer – motion made  to buy  new ones –  Passed
  • Need spare tire for the timing trailer – Bill Denvir will look into getting a spare tire
  • Bob D thanked Chris Roddy and Bob French for helping out with fixing up the timing trailer
  • Windsor Locks possible lot = no go


New Business


  • Bob Nogiec brought up discussing regarding parking the trailer at the Mini/Bmw lot in Hartford
  • Track  Fees were approved along with the 75 dollar late fee for LimeRock.
  • Welcome our newest member, Chris Faircloth!
  • John Williamson was concerned about the conflicting AX schedules with FCSCC
  • Our Newly Elected BOD Members : Bob Johnson, Marc Boerma, Mark Eastwood


Meeting adjourned at 8:03