Meeting Minutes 2.20


Matt Skibisky                                             Bob Johnson                                         Doug Myers

Barb Doiron                                                Bob Nogiec                                    Mark Eastwood

Bob Doiron                                             Marissa Johnson                                     John Bubela

Joe Skibisky                                                 Kerry Shaw                                          Greg Pocock

Deb Skibisky                                           Kevin Fitzmaurice                               Darlene Pocock

Paul Omichinski                                    Carolyn Fitzmaurice                                        Barb Bode

Jim Jaffe                                                         Jay Bode

Chris Roddy

•    Meeting Called to order by Bob Doiron at 7:00 PM    •



President’s Report


–        Accepted the January minutes


Vice President’s Report


–        Schedule has been posted to the CART Website

–        Working on posting it to the FCSCC Website


Treasurer’s Report


–        The Lime Rock deposit went out

–        The Banquet is paid for

–        Not much income (Off season) Should pick up as the season rolls in

Activities Director


–        The banquet was excellent! We had a great time and many laughs!

–        Autocross and track dates:

–        LAZ: 4/7 , 4/21 , 5/5

–        Mohegan Sun: 5/19 , 6/9 , 6/23 , 7/7

–        Thompson: 7/27 (Picnic), 7/28 , 8/4 , 8/18

–        LAZ: 9/8 , 9/22 , 10/6 , 10/20

–        Track Dates:

  • Lime Rock : 6/20
  • Pocono North : 8/24

–        The Trailer “Test n Tune” will be on March 16th at Bob D’s. All help will be appreciated and rewarded with pizza!

Chairman of the Board


–        No meetings were held recently

–        A meeting will be scheduled soon to discuss dates and establish a nominating committee



–        Not much activity


Old Business


–        A HUGE thank you and applause to Kevin Fitzmaurice for once again MC’ing an AWESOME banquet.

–        Marc and Yaro are still working on the “Run Your Socks Off” event details

–        Nominations for BOD are:

Greg Pocock, Jay Bode, Marc Boerma, Yaro Taeger, John Westermann, Bob Johnson, Mark Eastwood


New Business


–        We are in need of a membership packet to be given to new members. (In Progress)

–        Discussion was made along with a motion to allow up to a 500 expenditure for track instructor intercom systems. /Passed


Meeting Adjourned at 7:33 PM