4/21 Event Coverage

Points Event #1 by Matt Skibisky

            Ah, my favorite time of the year. Time to waste tires and brake pads! CART kicked off the point’s season with its opener at LAZ in Hartford with Matt Skibisky as the event chair. 72 drivers registered.

A Stock was ruled by Porsche’s, with Said Hu taking the win in his shiny new Cayman S with a 34.033. B Stock, being a non bump class, was won by John Williamson. John peddled his STI to a 33.905. C Stock saw the Marc Boerma rent-a-car service taking home a team win. Marc, co-driving Ali Kaba’s BRZ, led the way in CS with a 33.358, over 2 seconds faster than second place. With last year’s D Stock Champion leaving to a different class for the 2013 season, it is back to the 2 Mini’s of Brad Snow and John Westermann and the horsepower of Sam Derjue’s Mustang. Former DS champ, John Westermann, took the win Sunday over Sam Derjue with a 34.359. Making the jump from D Stock to E Stock in his Miata, Andrew Grigg picked up right where he left off, adding another glass to his collection with a 34.196. Picking up a close G Stock win in his brand new Ford Focus was Kevin Farrington. Farrington kept the Honda of Sean Neal behind him and led the way with a 34.159. After a long hiatus from autocrossing, Chris Fuhrmann returned in his Veloster and won H Stock by over 4 seconds with a 36.773.

With no one but Jim Matons in ASP Sunday, it was easy for Matons to get the win, but Matons decided he wanted FTD as well, and took it, with a lightning fast 31.713.

B Street Prepared was one of the larger classes Sunday. Yaro Taeger was smelling a win, but Tom Mak got his new Hoosiers to stick and kept Yaro behind him. Mak won by 2 tenths over Taeger with a 32.148. Contending with the FTD all day, but just barely missing it was Tom Bracci. However, Bracci still had complete control of CSP and took a huge win with a 31.764, only five hundredths away from an FTD. D Street Prepared was led all day by the RX8 of Bill Denvir. Denvir’s winning time was a 36.108.E Street Prepared was one of the most competitive classes in 2012, but Rob Johnson ran away with it Sunday. Johnson couldn’t be touched and layed down an untouchable 33.337.

X Prepared was one of the fastest classes of the day, with the top 3 cars finishing in the top eleven overall. John Santos finished fourth overall and took the XP win with a 32.249. Jay Bode was looking for a second place finished until Joe Visciglia whipped his turbo Miata around to a second place finish with a 33.009. After a long winter of work, Ray Covino had his Merkur working Sunday, and left with a CP win with a 35.153. Last years driver of the year, Bob Doiron, went right back to his old ways, winning FP with a 34.011.

After another season of barely missing out on a championship, Matt Skibisky comes into 2013 determined, and took a win Sunday in STR with a 33.013, good enough for top 10 overall. The battle for second was won by the 1990 Miata of Luke Tussing with a 34.500. Greg Pocock wants a back to back championship, and he is starting off the right way. Pocock took the STX win with in his Civic SI with a 35.736. Laying down a top 10 overall time and winning STU was Scott Murray with a 32.756. SMF was the battle between Germany and Japan, with John Rickermann and Lenny Hong’s Civic’s vs the GTI of Justin Baltrucki. Baltrucki got the best of the Civics and led with a 32.822.

SSM seems to be a must-watch class for 2013 with the powerful supercharged ‘Vette of Chris Faircloth VS. The supercharged MX5 of Jim Jaffe. Faircloth came out on top Sunday though, leading Jaffe by 3 tenths with a 32.686.

Z Novice was won by the 99 Corvette of Chris Brenn with a 34.773.

Y Novice was won by the BMW 330xi of Robert Stokes with a 37.742.

X Novice was won by the Subaru BRZ of Ali Kaba with a 34.333.


Congratulations to all winners! Remember, Novices with 3 events or a win are no longer novices and are to be placed into their appropriate classes!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Johnson’s for providing food for the event!

We have more races coming up, and don’t forget about the meetings! Check out our website at www.cartct.com and like our facebook! See you soon!