4.17 Meeting Minutes


Matt Skibisky                                             Bob Johnson                                         Doug Myers

Deb Skibisky                                                  Jay Bode                                             Bob French

Joe Skibisky                                                  Barb Bode                                            Sue French

Carolyn Fitzmaurice                                    Bob Nogiec                                      Walter Dudow

Kevin Fitzmaurice                                        Tom Bracci                                        Warren Elliot

Bob Doiron                                                Jason Meyers                                       Rob Johnson

Barb Doiron                                                          Ali Kaba                                                 John Williamson

Marc Boerma


•    Meeting Called to order by Bob Doiron at 7:01 PM    •



President’s Report


–        Accepted the March minutes


Treasurer’s Report


–        Bills are current

–        Our income is rising now that the season has started




–        New membership packet will hopefully be ready for the first event


Chairman of the Board


–        No meetings were held recently

–        A meeting will be scheduled soon to establish a nominating committee




–        Bob Johnson made the report: Orders are going in for blue (dark) decals


Old Business


–        Purchased wireless system (in transit)

–        First event (members only) huge success!

–        First points event will be April 21 at LAZ

–        Marc and Yaro are still working on the Run Your Socks Off and will collaborate with Chris Roddy

–        A spare tire for the trailer has been donated by Bill Denvir…Thank you Bill!!


New Business


–        Email from John Honig “99$ to drive a Ferrari or Lambo at Thompson, check out their website if interested

–        After discussion started by John Williamson regarding the purchasing of the softer cones by FCSCC, Bob Johnson motions to go in with FCSCC for new cones. Motion Carries

–        The current VP and Treasurer bought a new internet hub for 75$

–        We welcome our newest member, Ali Kaba! Welcome Ali!


Meeting Adjourned at 7:37 PM