Run @ The Sun Coverage

Run @ The Sun by Matt Skibisky


CART says goodbye to LAZ for the summer as we roll into Mohegan ready to run. The weather Sunday looked a bit iffy, but we got some dry runs in. Thanks to everyone who made the Run @ The Sun a success! Now..on to the results!

B Stock was won by Julia Waters in her S4. John Williamson would have had the win, however, he couldn’t avoid the cones all day. Julia finished with a 46.820, Williamson a 47.636. Ali Kaba, only a few weeks from winning his Novice class, showed us that he belongs in the major leagues as he takes the C Stock win with a 46.484. D Stock saw a new name at the top of the leaderboard: Keith Jurgensen. Keith’s WRX was hooking up well all day and he finished almost 2 seconds ahead of second place, winning with a 43.908. H Stock also saw a new name at the top. Joe Barbato threw his Mini Cooper around to a class winning 46.068.

B Street Prepared was one of the quickest classes of the day. At the top was the Dutch Duo: Marc Boerma, and Yaro Taeger. Yaro was nice enough to throw the keys to Marc Sunday, letting him co-drive. Both Yaro and Marc were among the fastest cars of the day, but Marc just barely nudged off Yaro for a win by a mere .072. After weeks of just missing out on FTD’s by fractions of a second, Tom Bracci came to Mohegan focused to take back the title. He did, taking the class win in CSP and a FTD with a untouchable time of 41.285. DSP was absolutely dominated by the GTI of Matt Cummings. Matt finished with a 43.360, almost 5 seconds ahead of second place. E Street Prepared was the largest class Sunday, and at the top all day was the battling Johnson duo. At the end of the day, Robbie kept his Dad behind him by 2 tenths and took the win with a 43.498. X Prepared was another quick class Sunday. Running away with it right off the start, however, was the Factory Five Cobra of John Santos. Santos laid down a near FTD time with a 41.614. F Prepared also saw a new name on top. Last years Drive of the Year, Bob Doiron, had to settle for second place as Phil Breault peddled his BMW to a class win with a 43.929.

With his eyes on a championship in STR, Matt Skibisky keeps his winning streak alive as he takes the class win in his Miata with a 43.836. Scott Murray’s STI was trailing the Cayman of Said Hu all day, but on Murray’s 4th run, he creeped ahead of Hu and stayed there, finishing up top with a 44.272, winning STU. Making his return to CART after a hiatus, and also walking away with a SMF win was the Honda Civic of Colby Norwood. Colby just kept the powerful Civic of John Rickermann behind him by 3 tenths. SSM was won of the fastest classes of the day. With the third different class winner this year, Nick Fandacone regains his spot at the top, keeping the supercharged monsters of Jim Jaffe’s Miata and Chris Faircloth’s Corvette behind him. Fandacone had an FTD time on his fourth run, but just barely clipped a cone at the finish. Z Novice was won by the GTO of John Buraceski with a 47.052. Y Novice was won by the Miata of Dan Guerette with a 47.647.

We hope to see all of you and more at the next autocross! Also..we have a track day coming up! We will be at Limerock on June 20th, so go sign up now! See you soon!