Meeting Minutes 5.15


Meeting Minutes 5/15/13



Matt Skibisky

Deb Skibisky

Joe Skibisky

Bob Johnson

Jay Bode

Barb Bode

Joel Segal

John Williamson


Bob Doiron

Barb Doiron

Jim Jaffe

Michael Yost

Mark Brown

John Bubela

Chris Roddy


Bob Nogiec

Doug Myers

Carolyn FitzMaurice

Kevin FitzMaurice

Paul Omichinski

Marc Boerma

Bob Peplow



Meeting called to order by Bob Doiron at 7:01


Presidents Report


  • Welcomed all new members


VP’s Report


  • Local car clubs emailed CART on how they look forward to CART’s      event write-ups


Treasurer’s Report


  • Lime Rock track day has not broken even yet
  • Mark Yellin- haven’t paid for SEPT Laz event yet




  • 2 New members looking to get voted in


Activities Director


  • 3 Successful autocrosses
  • Schedule on the website
  • Comp Meeting will be May 23rd at 6:30 at Chase Parkway



Chairman of the Board


  • BOD will be will be May 23rd at 6:30 at Chase Parkway




  • CART now has new dark blue hats


Old Business


  • THANK YOU to the Johnsons for providing delicious food at the last      LAZ event
  • Yaro is still playing with the wireless system
  • John Williamson: Dave Williamson found a softer rubber cone to      purchase from California
  • CART buying 300 cones @ 6.16/cone


New Business


  • Bob Doiron described the issue that arose with Mark Yellin. Mark is      a partial owner of the LAZ lot and is looking for an additional fee for us      to run there. The LAZ fee has risen from 500 to about 800.
  • Sept 8th event has been moved from LAZ to Thompson
  • Hartford PD has a new chief that is asking questions about our      club; Bob has been going back and forth with emails. LAZ gave the chief      our name along with other clubs.
  • John Williamson asked if they started construction and if it will      interfere with our running surface : It will not
  • Oct 6 event: PCA has that event so CART is looking for a      replacement
  • Just a reminder to fill out the Mohegan Waiver before you arrive to      the lot to save time, just remember to change the date.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40