July 7th Event Coverage

July 7th Event Coverage by Matt Skibisky

CART rolls into Mohegan Sun for the final time in 2013. We had a great time at Mohegan this year, with mostly sunny events, a great view, and great racing. Sunday was a hot one, as the temperatures reached the low 90’s with the humidity on full blast as well. Tires got sticky, and so did the inside of helmets! Moving on to the results..


A Stock was a close one, as the powerful Corvette of Chris Brenn couldn’t quite catch the nimble STI of John Williamson. Williamson took the class with a 44.331. C Stock was led all day by Raymond Chang and he stayed up front in his RX8 with a 44.167. D Stock was quite the class Sunday as a battle brewed between the Cooper S of John Westermann and the WRX of Keith Jurgensen. Westerman has his Mini aimed towards a win until Jurgensen hooked up on his final run to edge past the Cooper S by a few tenths with a 44.257.

Usually the biggest class there, BSP was quite thin Sunday as the class was just the Corvette of Chad Zmuda and the S2000 of Joel Segal. Zmuda powered his Corvette to a win with a 43.829. CSP was also shallow as the only two entrants were the RX7 of Tom Bracci and the class bumped RX8 of Bill Denvir. Tom Bracci showed that the classics can move quick too as his 83 RX7 took the lead and never looked back with a 40.337. ESP was the biggest class Sunday and it will full of American Muscle. Mustangs, Trans Ams, GTOs….oh my! Up at the top was the Johnson duo of Robby and Bob Johnson. Bob was generous enough to let Robby win Sunday with a fast 42.166. The battle of the dueling Johnson rages on…

XP was one of the fastest classes of the day with it consisting of a 600 horsepower Corvette, a pair of Fiero’s, a mint RX7, a built Miata, and a classic Corvair. Chris Faircloth showed us that horsepower is still the more important than any of that other junk on a car as his beastly Corvette took the class with a 41.282. After getting beat the BMW of Phil Breault, Bob Doiron took back FP this weekend as he kept Breault behind him all day. Doiron put a half second gap between them and won with a 41.774. Winning Amod and also taking FTD was the Legends of Sean Colson. Colson nudged off the usual FTD contenders of Jim Matons and Tom Bracci to take his first FTD of the year with a 40.221.

STF saw Mazda up top as the Mazda3 of Matt Delilla took the class by over 4 seconds with a 44.613.

STR also saw a Mazda up top, this one being the Miata of Matt Skibisky. Skibisky kept the Miata of Luke Tussing behind him and took the class with a 43.301. The fastest car on street tires Sunday, the STI of Scott Murray, also claimed victory in STU with a 42.349.

Colby Norwood got his Hoosiers to hook up Sunday which got him a class win in his Civic with a 42.222.

X Novice was won by Sam Hesketh-Tutton in his Miata with a 47.744.

Y Novice was won by Jorge Rosa in his CRX with a 47.123

Z Novice was won by Ed Wong in his Cayman with a 45.451.


Our next event is the Annual CART picnic 2 Day event! Sign up online at www.cartct.com! Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for our Pocono Track day online as well! See you soon!