Meeting minutes 6-19-2013

Meeting Minutes 6.19
by Bob Johnson

Meeting Minutes 6/19/13

Bob Johnson
Rob Johnson
Jackie Johnson
Marissa Johnson
Je’nae Pelletier
Bob Doiron
Barb Doiron
Bob Nogiec
John Williamson
Tom Bracci
Bob Peplow
Mark Eastwood
Chris DiFiore
Chris Roddy
Paul Omichinski
Dennis C. Polio
Todd Doiron
Jim Matons

Meeting called to order by Bob Doiron at 7:01

Presidents Report

• Minutes from last meeting accepted

Treasurer’s Report

• Lime Rock was a financial loss
• We need people to sign up for Pocono TT


• Rob to send out Membership file to Officers

Activities Director
• Lime Rock is the next event
• Next Mohegan Rob J is Event Chair
• Bob D Event Chair for Last Mohegan
• Bob J Event Chair for Members only @ Thompson
• Email sent out for members picnic

Chairman of the Board

• Paul O. volunteered to do bumping for future events to bump to minimum class of 2


• Darlene is doing well selling morethan $100 per Autocross

Old Business

• Wireless system to be checked out by Bob J.
• Emitters not working at last event to be looked at by Jim D
• Food for members only picnic to be $25 per person. Club will pay $10 per person. Final cost is $15 per person

New Business

• Oct 6 event moved to Saturday Oct 5
• Nominations for B.O.D.
• Jay Bode Todd Doiron Jim Jaffe Paul Omichinski
• The Corvair Club has accepted our old timer and will take our old cones
• Comp Committee to discuss helmet rule. Current 10yr
• Tech needs to tech cars properly
• Starter needs to check cars and Drivers
• Trailer Cop to check cars as they come to the line

Meeting adjourned at 8:27