Meeting Minutes 2/19/2014

Meeting Minutes 2.19.14



by Bob Johnson


Meeting Minutes 2/19/14



Bob Johnson

Rob Johnson

Bob Doiron

Barb Doiron

Bob Nogiec

Paul Omichinski

Kevin Fitzmaurice

Carolyn Fitzmaurice

                            Chris Roddy                            

Jim Jaffe

Wyatt Beatty

Dennis Cohan

 Deb Skibisky

Joe Skibisky

 Matt Skibisky

Doug Myers

 Matt Cummings



Meeting called to order by Matt Skibisky  at 7:00 

Presidents Report

Welcomed Guest Wyatt Beatty and Dennis Cohan

Vice Presidents Report 

  • Members should go to  CART website to check what is on the forum

 Secretary Report

  • Minutes accepted



  • 35 Paid Memships at time of meeting
  • Membership dues is do. Members not paid by February meeting risk losing #’s

Treasurer Report

  • Membership dues coming in slowly
  • Thompson deposit is Paid  

Activities Director

  • Banquet 2/15/2014 was good
  • Comp Committee discussed Classing, we will keep scca classing for this season
  • Bumps changes only one bump to class of 2 cars
  • Released retired number 24 & 36
  • Proposed Schedule for 2014 Autocross & Track Days


4/13 LAZ

4/27 Thompson

5/4 Thompson

5/18 Thompson

6/8 Thompson

6/22 TBD

7/27 Thompson

8/3 TBD

8/17 TBD

9/6 members only picnic Thompson

9/7 Thompson

9/21 LAZ

10/5 LAZ

10/19 LAZ

Track Days

7/14 Monday Thompson

8/23 Saturday Pocono

Chairman of the Board 

  • No Report


  • Large sizes will be available. Small sizes can be ordered as needed

Old Business 

  • Wyatt Beatty to wire track sensors

New Business 

  • Nominees for Board of Directors 3 positions available

Marc Boerma

Jim Jaffe

Matt Cummings

Joe Skibisky

Chris Faircloth

  • Trailer needs prep for season, need volunteers
  • Wyatt Beatty voted in new member (Active Military)

Meeting adjourned at 7:33