Meeting Minutes 3.19.14

Meeting Minutes 3.19.14



by Bob Johnson


Meeting Minutes 3/19/14



Bob Johnson                           Chris DeFiore

Rob Johnson                           Brian Bennett

Bob Doiron                             Gus Kutschker

Barb Doiron                            John Bubela

Bob Nogiec                             John Leether

Paul Omichinski                      Mark Brown

Mark Eastwood                      Jeff Melenbacher

John Westermann                    Chris Brenn

Chris Roddy                           Terry Brenn

Bob Peplow                            Andrew Grigg

Bob Charles                            John Williamson

Doug Myers                            Marc Boerma

 Joerg Bode 

Jim Jaffe

Wyatt Beatty

Deb Skibisky

Joe Skibisky

Matt Skibisky

Doug Myers

Matt Cummings

John Jankura

Joe Solury

Gary Frankel

Brian Elzin

Tom Bates



Meeting called to order by Bob Doiron  at 7:00 

Presidents Report

Welcomed Guest Bob Charles, Rob Smeigel, Jeff Mehlenbacher, Brian Bennett

Vice Presidents Report 

  • Members should go to  CART website to check what is on the forum, Join Forum
  • Fruit baskets sent to John Jankura, John Williamson, and Bill Evans

 Secretary Report

  • Minutes accepted



  • 59 Paid Memberships at time of meeting
  • Membership dues is past do.
  • Available Numbers will be posted soon

Treasurer Report

  • Membership dues  still coming in slowly
  • Insurance is Paid
  • Need to be rider on Thompson ins. 


Activities Director

  • Schedule Change – Sat 4/12 is first points event. Sun 4/13 canceled
  • Trailer prep need volunteers
  • Event Chairpersons needed. Event Chair will receive free Autocross


Chairman of the Board 

  • No Report


  • Need Volunteer to help with merchandise

Old Business 

  • Reach out to other car clubs to bring 8 drivers to have own class to run
  • Membership packets for new members

New Business 

  • First event portion of profit to be donated to Wounded Warriors fund
  • AC4 Timer to be upgraded
  • Newly elected Board Members

Marc Boerma, Jim Jaffe, Matt Cummings

  • New Members
  • Rob Smeigel, Brian Bennett, Jeff Mehlenbacher, Tom Bates

Meeting adjourned at 7:45