New Classes for 2015! Pro S and Pro R!

Pro-Class Introduction – 2015 Season


C.A.R.T. will be introducing two new classes for the 2015 season, Pro R and Pro S. These two classes will be treated like any other class, with championship points being accumulated the same way, and with an end of the year award (jacket). Both of these classes are meant to create a wider spectrum of competition throughout the club. The difference between these classes and other classes is that because they are not modification dependent, they are 100% optional per the driver. No bumping into or out of these classes will occur.


Pro S (Pro Street Car)

Pro S ­ – All vehicles entered into CART “Pro Street Car” class must be domestic or import, four-wheeled vehicles that are licensed, registered, insured for regular street use, and have a factory affixed OE manufacturer production tag or plate. CART does not allow kit cars, modern reproductions, or other vehicles that were not issued or do not have a factory affixed OE manufacturer production tag or plate. All vehicles must use hood, fenders and body panels as produced from the factory. Scoops, flares and other modifications are acceptable. All cars must run “Street Tires” as defined by the SCCA at the time of competition.

CART “Pro Street Car” class is designed specifically for Drivers of performance street cars.

Vehicles built specifically for competition or “race cars with license plates” are not within

the spirit of the class.


CART officials will make the final determination of eligibility.


*For Example, Turbo Honda Civic with built suspension, normally classes only into X Prepared, can run Pro S (Provided that the car is on street tires.)



Pro R (Pro Race)


Pro R – (Pro Race) this class is essentially an open class. R Comp tires are legal in this class, as well as any modification. This class is meant to be an unrestricted class with no prohibition of modification.


The marking for these classifications on cars should be Pro R and Pro S.