CART needs your help!!

Long ago when the temperatures were low and everyone was dreaming of summer and a new autocross season, a meeting was held. At this meeting CART decided that the sheer joy and love we all have for autocross just wasn’t enough anymore.
Therefore some extra dates were added to the schedule. These dates were not only for cancellations, they were added to satisfy our urges to do something new, fun, and different from our standard autocross event. This is where you the autocross connoisseur have the opportunity to change how we do autocross (temporarily of course).
At the upcoming Board of Directors/Competition committee meeting we will be discussing the first of these events. Our question to you is what should we do? We have some great ideas already: traditional gymkhana, team events, rallycross style timing, running the course both forward and backward and averaging the times, stopping at checkpoints during a run where goals need to be accomplished. The point is we can do anything we want. So take a few days and think about what you would do if you could add a little fun into an upcoming event. If you think that you have a good idea email His Bigness at with your best idea. Who knows maybe we will even let you name the event style in your memory. I’m sure the Bob style event would make a lot of people happy. Anyhow get your ideas to the email address before next Wednesday’s meeting if you want your idea to be the first one tried at an event in August.