Poconobody wanted to leave



CART has just returned from an incredible weekend of running the new extended south course at Pocono Raceway.  Having never run this version of the course it was a learning experience for most drivers.  Despite the heat that dehydrated bodies and pushed hot tires and brakes to their limits a great time was had by all who attended.  We would like to thank the folks from Pocono Raceway, novice instructors, SCCA NER , flagging officials, tech inspectors, and everyone else who helped to make this event what it was.  It could not be done without your help.

team relay finish

Congratulations goes to the winners of the 2016 Pocono team relay.  Mark Eastwood (Ford Mustang), Guy DeuterMann (Subaru BRZ), Bill Spargo (Honda S2000), Ray Wilson (Ford Focus RS), and Bob Doiron (Pontiac Fiero).  They all drove fast and successfully counted to five earning them first place in this years relay.