Best of Nine in Autocross Points

Here is the list of the top drivers in best of nine autocross points. The top twelve after our final points event will have the chance to compete in the autocross driver of the year runoff at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on October 29th. Also listed here are drivers who are outside the top twelve but may still have the opportunity to gain enough points or run if drivers in the top twelve do not show up to the event.

Top twelve in best of nine autocross points
1. 198-Robby Johnson (9 events-21 lowest points)
2. 190-Joerg Bode (9 events-20 lowest points)
3. 187-Kevin Separy (9 events-18 lowest points)
4. 185-Paul Gosselin (9 events-20 lowest points)
5. 180-Scott Murray (9 events-18 lowest points)
6. 174-Chris Faircloth (8 events)
7. 172-Bob Johnson (9 events-15 lowest points)
8. 172-Bob Doiron (9 events-20 lowest points)
9. 170-Jim Jaffe (9 events-18 lowest points)
10. 165-Chris Fuhrman (8 events)
11. 162-Seth Galinski (8 events)
12. 156-Brad Snow (8 events)

Drivers with a chance to run
13. 153-Matt Cummings (8 events)
14. 139-John Williamson (7 events)
15. 136-Ray Nelson (7 events)
16. 133-Joe Rathbun (7 events)
17. 125-Chris Brenn (7 events)
18. 125-Joe Zanavich (6 events)
19. 120-Ray Covino (6 events)
20. 120-Robert Smigiel (6 events)
21. 120-Matt Skibisky (6 events)