The Autocross Driver of year will be one of these people!

Here are the 12 drivers that are going to be running in the Autocross Driver of the Year run off after our last points event Saturday.

1. Joe Zanavich 189pts
2. Seth Galinski 177pts
3. Rob Johnson 176pts
4. Chris Fuhrmann 171pts
5. Kevin Separy 170pts
6. Adam Woodruff 164pts
7. Chris Brenn 160pts
8. Michael Smith 149pts
9. Chris Faircloth 148pts
10. Joerg Bode 144pts
11. Brad Snow 142pts
12. Scott Murray 129pts

The following is the short list of people who still potentially have the chance to gain enough points at our final points event of the year to qualify. A note to everyone attending the points portion of the day will end at four autocross runs. This is to give us plenty of time to compute the results for the Driver of the year run off. The event will continue however points free until we start the run off at the end of the day.

13. Paul Gosselin 115pts
14. Bob Johnson 114pts
15. Matt Cummings 114pts
16. Phil Breault 108pts

Best of luck to these drivers and we will see everyone this weekend.