Autocross Chair Duties

Autocross Event Chairperson


The AX Event Chair is a voluntary position.

The goal is to engage club members to participate at these events.

The responsibilities are as follows.


1, Volunteer to be an AX Chairperson with the Activities Director.

2, Be present at the start of your event to assure all aspects of setup and

    operation of the event are carried out in a timely manor and may

    include but not limited to the following items

 A, Be present prior to the start of setup

 B, Have an idea for course layout and have it reviewed by the safety comm. Preferably in advance

 C, Assure that adequate staffing of registration/classing/worker assignments/cashier is covered.

 D, Assure that timing  and PA systems are setup and working

 E, Assure insurance waiver and armbands are being done for all on site and gate is manned.

 F, Assure Novice walk through is carried out on schedule (10:00)

 G, Do the drivers meeting on time (10:45)

 H, Be on site through out the day to answer any questions or solve problems.

 I, Potential for deciding the run count and end time for the event (by committee with officers)

 J, Decide if there is to be a post event challenge and institute/tabulate (ie. Run off, relay, etc.)

 K, Co-ordinate fun runs, take money.

 L, be present at end of event to assure proper dis-assembly of course and equipment.

 M, Assure trailer is stored.

 N, Assure that any gates to event areas are closed and locked if necessary.


Note. The Event Chairperson is responsible for these items but is not required to actually do each item. That is why we have active club members and are always seeking and trying to engage others to participate. Generally if you ask someone to help out they will. Most of the above responsibilities ware regularly y done by certain members and things just need to be verified as done.

So once things are working sit back and enjoy yourself and that pat on the back from all of us.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask any officer or Board member.