Track Day Info

Day Schedule

(subject to change without notice)

Check-in Please check in before going to Technical inspection. You must show a valid drivers license. 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Technical and Safety Inspection 7:15 – 8:15 AM

Mandatory Drivers Meetings

All drivers and crew 8:00AM

Practice Sessions Begin * 9:00 AM

Timed Runs Begin 2:30 PM

Awards Presentations 5:00 PM


1. * Practice sessions consists of approximately 20 cars each. When we say 20 cars each, that means that there will be 20 cars out on the track at one time. We have many slots open so register now!

2. Novices – This is not a school but instructors are available with limited availability at no extra charge.

3. Corner Workers – We welcome volunteers as corner workers. If you would like to volunteer to be a corner worker, E-mail Jay Bode

Warning; These events fill quickly so register now!

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Practice Rules

You have been assigned a Track Day group designation for the day (A,B,C or D). The following regulations must be adhered to:

STARTING: You will be called to the false grid in the morning by group designation. Each group will run a 15 minute session. At Pocono, once each group has had track time we may revert to open track format at the discretion of the club. If the switch is made from run groups to open track time, all participants are welome to come to the False grid to get in line to get track time. Otherwise the run group order will repeat.

PASSING (Lime Rock): Passing will not be allowed except on the main straight or “No name straight (after the esses, before the up-hill), and then only to the right of the car you are overtaking and only while under green flag conditions

PASSING (Pocono North Course): Passing will not be allowed except on the right side on the main straight and banking or on the left side on the short interior straight and only while under green flag conditions.

PASSING (Pocono South Course): Passing will not be allowed except on the right side on the banking,and only while under green flag conditions.

  • The end of the passing zone will be clearly marked with a coned section. Violation of the passing zone rule will result in a black flag: multiple violations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all monies paid.
  • There will be no passing allowed through any corners, or after apex pylons, at any time.
  • At Lime Rock group D (Novice) may pass on the front straight only.
  • No three wide passing allowed at any time.FLAGS

    C.A.R.T. expects drivers to acknowledge flaggers instructions with a wave, nod, etc. The following flags will signify:

    Clear, go ahead, passing allowed in designated areas
    Stop at pits, there is a problem and/or end of session. DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER LAP. THIS IS MANDATORY!!! Failure to respond to a Black Flag will result in expulsion.
    You are holding up a faster car: Hold your line and expect to be passed. If you are faster on the straight than the cars following it is good sportsmanship to slow to allow the pass. The cars doig the passing will pull away during the next set of corners and you will again have open track.
    Caution; slow, no passing.
    Extreme caution, very slow, no passing, be prepared to stop.
    Stop completely where you are with caution at the side of the track. Await further information from your nearest flagging station.OTHER RULES:

    PITTING: When leaving the pits watch for cars coming down the straight; they are coming faster than you think! If you are in the pit road for any reason, you must comply with the pit marshal’s directions. In the case of being black-flagged, clear with the pit marshal before leaving the pits. If you pit to question the mechanical integrity of your car, do not stop in the pit road… it must remain clear. Pull all the way into the paddock area. In case of fire, pull your car up to the end of pit road by the ambulance and tow truck.

    TIMED RUNS: All drivers will get at two timed laps at which point you should be alone on the track. If for any reason you catch up with another car, don’t interfere with his run; back off! Return to the pit lane to be restarted. If you catch a finishing car on his cool-down lap while you are just warming-up wait until the lead car pulls to the right at the bottom of the downhill, then carefully pass to the left and continue accelerating past the start-finish to the start of your timed runs. We will not honor any protesting about how your time would have been if you had only had the opportunity to start accelerating earlier. You should see a checkered flag waved when both your times are recorded. On your cool-down lap, do not slow down too much. You may interfere with someone else’s timed run. Also, do not bother the timing personnel by inquiring what your times were. (They will not tell you). You would not want anyone distracting the timers during your runs, so don’t do it to someone else. Times will be announced over the track PA (if available); otherwise, wait for the results at the awards.

    Order of timed runs:

    By car number (e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc.)