About the Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team.

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The Connecticut Autocross & Rally Team, Inc. (C.A.R.T.) is an independent, non-sanctioned, non-marques club of sports and performance car enthusiasts. Our focus is on the fun of driving excellence, and learning car control. During the spring, summer and fall months, we have several autocross events through out Connecticut.

Autocross is a low cost form of participant motor sports, and a great way to hone your driving skills. Autocross consists of a timed session of driving around a course marked out by cones. There is a penalty assessed for striking a cone, or running off course. Cars a grouped in classes, based on potential speed and modifications, to maintain a level playing field. A DOT or SNELL approved helmet is required to participate, with loaner helmets available at the event. We currently autocross at sites in Hartford, Uncasville and Thompson CT.

C.A.R.T. maintains a good neighbor policy.  We expect our participants to obey local traffic laws, and respect the privacy and property of the people who allow us to use their facilities and their neighbors.  C.A.R.T. has a long standing tradition of giving back to our local community.  In the past, we have made donations to the Connecticut Environmental Fund, The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp. the Bristol Police for the purchase of a canine unit, and our T.E.A.C.H. events.  Briefly, our Teen Education for Advanced Car Handling allows young drivers the opportunity to learn about car control for everyday use, under controlled circumstances, and with one on one instruction.

C.A.R.T. also has a Time Trial event at Pocono Speedway. Your car, your skills, driving at a professional race facility under rules devised to enhance your enjoyment. Limited instruction is available for novices.

Our Pocono events also feature our exciting Team Relay Events. Can you drive and count to five? If you can, Team Relay is for you. Teams of 5 vehicles run on the track, one at a time against each other, with each member running 5 laps. The teams are handicapped according to their fastest time trial laps. Our normal passing and track rules apply. If a team member runs less than five laps, they are sent out again to finish their laps. If they run more than five laps, the extra laps do not count. Drive and count to five? Harder than you think, more fun than anything else.

If you think you’re interested in our Time Trial events, but want to see one before participating, we have our “Taste of the Track” program. Participants have the opportunity to witness the action up close at a track work station, and, time permitting, experience being driven by one of our instructors on the track at speed. During the spring and fall we hold Rallys throughout New England.

Our Official C.A.R.T. Merchandise can also be purchased at any of our Events.

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