Officers & Directors

2017  C.A.R.T. Officers  
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President: #24 Bob Doiron elected 10/16/16

Vice President: #12 Paul Gosselin elected 10/18/15

Treasurer #6 Chris Brenn elected 10/18/15

Secretary: # 15 Paul Omichinski elected 10/16/16

Membership Chair: #90 Mark Eastwood elected 10/16/16

Activities Director:  #10 Bob Johnson elected 10/16/16


Chairman of the Board: #66 Jim Jaffe elected 7/10/16

Director: #64 Dennis Polio elected 6/19/17

Director: #9 Matt Skibisky elected 7/20/16

Director: #33 Erica Cookish elected 7/19/17

Director: #81 Robby Johnson elected 7/20/16

The club doesn't run itself, we always need volunteers.  Interested in serving as a club officer or director?  It's easy!  Directors elections are held every six months and hold a one year term.  Officer's elections are held annually and also hold a one year term.  Attend meeting, get involved, make a difference!