T.E.A.C.H. Parental Survey form


Parental Survey form

On behalf of C.A.R.T. I would like to thank you for your child’s participation in this year’s event.

If you have a few minutes to help us out by answering a few questions it will help us to provide a better program in the future. Please click on the email link below, copy and paste the form and fill out the information

To send the email to the team at C.A.R.T., please click here: the C.A.R.T. TEACH Parental Survey.

Thanks, Bob Doiron

Name______________________  (not required)


1, What was your perception of this event prior to attending?


2, How do you think this event was conducted?


3, Do you have any suggestions for improving the event?


4, Would you recommend this course to your friends for their new drivers


5, Do you think the cost is excessive or inexpensive for this course?


6, Are you more or less confident in your child’s ability to drive after this course?


7, Do you have any thoughts regarding the vehicle your child drives?

A, Appropriate for their needs at this time?

B, Is it a safe vehicle?  Does it have ABS?  Air bags?  Safe tires and brakes? Etc.



Please tell us in a few words what you think of the course,