Team Relay

How will it work? Each team will be assigned a Team number (1-10) and will be assigned a starting time based on the times run at that event’s timed portion. The team with the slowest combined time will start first then second slowest, etc. . . . All rules that apply to the practice sessions apply to the team relay. Breaking the rules will constitute team disqualification. Each driver has to complete five consecutive laps. If a driver does less than five, he will have to go out again to make up the missing laps. If he runs more than five laps, he will be subject to intense harrassment in the pits for his failure to be able to count, and the extra laps do not count. First team to cross after completing the assigned number of laps the finish line wins. Up to 10 teams can participate. Five drivers make a team. Anyone participating can submit a team. A driver can be on one team only. A team roster shall be turned in by 11 a.m. or you may be assigned a team by the organizers. Team List should include the team Manager and the car number/Make/Model/ name of each driver. Each team must pick a team manager. The manager shall select the order in which each driver will compete. If more than 5 teams sign up, there will be two relay groups and a runoff for the winner of each section. The run off will be 15 laps, three laps for each driver. At the year end banquet, the Bill Evans Team Relay Perpetual Trophy will be presented to representatives of the overall winning relay team.