Jun 04

Autocross and Track Days

Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team (C.A.R.T.) is your place for autocross and track days. We have autocross events in various facilites in Connecticut, and track days at Thompson Speedway and Pocono Raceway. Don’t just watch, get out and drive!

Mar 24

2017 Autocross Schedule has been finalized

Most of the dates for autocross in 2017 have been confirmed by the lot owners. We are still working on getting a few more dates for July and August but nothing has been confirmed for these months yet. All of the events will be held at LAZ in Hartford except of the final two dates of the year which will be held at Thompson Speedway, where we will once again be able to use a potion of the track. The 2017 schedule will be as follows:

April 9,29
May 28
June 11,25
September 17
October 8,21,22

We are always looking for new lots to use for our autocross events so if you know a lot that would be suitable please talk to an officer or member of the board. The Calendar on our website and motorsport reg will be updated soon to reflect these dates. Also a reminder that non-member autocross prices have increased to $45 for the 2017 season.(member pricing remains the same at $35)

Mar 15

February and March meeting locations

The locations for our February and March meetings have been determined. Our February meeting being held on February 15th will be held at Maples Family Restaurant in Middlebury CT. After that our next meeting will be held on March 15th and it will be held at the Wood-N-Tap in Newington CT. Please note that the Wood-N-Tap we will be going to is not the one we had our January meeting at due to scheduling conflicts. We look forward to seeing you all there and remember to keep checking the site and schedule as the year progresses as locations for meetings may be changing.

Feb 26

New Information from CART for 2017

The plans for 2017 are well underway and the first few meeting of the year have brought about a lot of changes for 2017. For those of you who were not at these meetings here is a list of some of the new things that are happening at CART.

1. Track Day schedule and prices have been set for our three track days this year. Our first event is May 6th at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. The cost for this event will be $320 and the event will be limited to 50 cars. Our next two track days will be September 2 (Pocono South Course) and September 23 (Thompson). Please go to Track day info section on the site for more information and registration.

2. Nominees for the board of directors were held at the last meeting and two people were nominated. These individuals are Robby Johnson and Kevin Separy. Board of directors nominees will be voted on at the March membership meeting being held on March 15 at Wood-N-Tap in Newington CT.

3.We have also made a few changes to our autocross program for this year. First off prices for non-member autocross have gone up to $45 for 2017, member pricing will still remain $35. The second change we have made is that our autocross championship will be run based on ten events. Therefore the championship will be based on a best of eight system not nine as it has been in years past. The minimum number of events required to be eligible is still five. The third change we have made is the biggest. For 2017 we will be combining SCCA classes to create our own class system. In order to promote more competition between drivers and prevent single car classes at each event, we have decided to combine the SCCA classes into groups based on their PAX times. This will essentially group classes that run very similar times together and hopefully promote more competition at our events. The ten classes will be grouped as follows:

Pro R
Pro S
Pro G

These classes will be run at the first three points events of the year. After the first three events we will determine if these classes do what was intended and decide to either keep running this system or return to the old. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to speak to any of the officers or board members. We are constantly trying to make our autocross program better and any feedback is welcome.

4. At the February meeting a change to the clubs bylaws was approved by vote pertaining to the annual meeting. The 2017 annual meeting will be moved from October to November. The idea behind this is that the new club officers get elected at that meeting and we are still running events. This change should make the transition from old to new officers much easier.

Keep an eye on this site in the coming months as we are still working on our autocross schedule for 2017. As soon as things are finalized they will be posted to the site.

Jan 22

2016 Banquet Photos 1-21-17

Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team got together at the Marriott in Waterbury to honor the 2016 champions. Good thing Brad Snow was there to take pictures of the event. Thanks, Brad! All rights reserved by the photographer, double click on thumbnail to enlarge.

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