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Cancellations must be made by two weeks prior to the event.



We ask your cooperation in being at the track as close to 7:30 A.M. as possible. Check in at registration so we know you’re here and the park, clean-out and ready your car. Please get to tech inspection quickly so we can get you on the track as soon as possible.

We also ask you’re assistance in providing us with “volunteers” to help with corner working. – friends, grown children, ex-spouses, whatever…. If we come up short drivers must work


​C.A.R.T. will use the SCCA National Time Trial Classes. To class your car, go to, under the National Rules button find where your car should be classed.


C.A.R.T. will not be using the tire treadwear rule. Exception is the Unlimited classes

We will classify the drivers on the basis of experience.

All drivers who are running with C.A.R.T. for the first time will be classified as Novices. The instructors will then class you based on their observations. Exceptions can be made by speaking to the event chair.


We have 3 levels of classification: Novice, Experienced and Advanced

  • Novices– As the name implies are drivers who have little or no on-track experience at the facility we’re running at, or are first time drivers with C.A.R.T. Instruction is available throughout the day for those who would like it, and an initial level of instruction is provided to all who have not run with CART previously, or at that particular track. We try to provide 1 instructor / 3 novices, and usually are able to meet that ratio. The instructors make themselves available all day to their students.

  • Experienced– Drivers who have some experience with on track driving and / or the track we’re at. Advanced drivers with less powerful vehicles may also choose to run in the experienced group.

  • Advanced– Drivers who have been judged by the C.A.R.T. instructors as being able to advance to our highest level of track drivers. This group consists of track veterans, driving higher powered vehicles than the experienced level drivers.

C.A.R.T. Track Days Safety Rules

HELMETS: Helmets are required (sorry no loaners). Every helmet must have Snell M or SA rating and proof of being manufactured within the last 10 years. Helmets must be in good condition (no cracks)

CLOTHING: Long-sleeved clothes made of non-melting cloth (cotton or NOMEX) and closed toed shoes are a requirement. At Lime Rock, this also applies to anyone in the PIT area or working a corner.

RESTRAINTS: Safety harnesses are recommended, but not required if the vehicle is equipped with a factory restraint system. All cars must have metal-buckled seat belts in good condition with no cuts or abrasions. All cars must have shoulder harnesses. “Y” belts will not be allowed if the “Y” joint is sewn.

ROLL BARS AND CAGES: All open cars must be equipped with a SCCA or CART approved roll structure. A factory style hardtop is recommended. The roll structure must be properly and strongly fastened, and be two inches above the driver’s helmet. All modified class cars must be equipped with a SCCA or CART approved roll cage. Modified cars are defined as any car running non DOT approved racing tires, or any car that has been modified / altered to the point where it can no longer be registered for street use in the state of Connecticut and is competing in ANY “modified” class.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Drivers of all modified automobiles shall be equipped as follows:

A. Drivers suits made of fire resistant material.

B. Gloves made of leather or fire resistant material.

C. Socks & Shoes made of fire resistant material.

D. Drivers with beards and or mustaches shall wear a face shield (Head Sock) of fire resistant material

E. Fire systems: It is highly recommended that all cars in the modified classes have fire systems.

F. It is recommended that all vehicles be equipped with tow hooks in case of incident or on track vehicle failure.

RIMS: Multi lug pattern rims allowed with approval prior to the event.

TIRES: Must be in good condition with no defects and good tread. Higher than normal air pressure is recommended for street tires. Air is available at the track. If you are not sure about pressures, ask instructors for a ballpark starting point.

MUFFLERS: Vehicles must fall within the requirements of the track hosting the event.  See track websites for details. 

SUSPENSION: Will be checked for ball joints and bearing wear; a floor jack may be used. Be sure to tighten all lugs. All lug nuts / studs must be in place. Lug nuts should be re-torqued after each run.

REAR VIEW and SIDE VIEW MIRRORS: Mandatory on all vehicles.

NUMBERS: Car numbers should be clearly visible to all course workers. The numbers should be a minimum of 8 inch high and of a contrasting color. The numbers must be places on both sides of the car (the door). Vinyl number may be placed on the side glass. 

For cars with two drivers (Two numbers), only one number will be allowed on the car at one time on the track. Have the number(s) on the car before tech.  Competitors shall provide their own numbers, 8” in height

NOVICES – We REQUIRE a large letter “N” on the rear of your car to signify that you are a novice. We define a Novice as any driver who is a first time participant in a C.A.R.T. Track Day. Experienced drivers may be granted an exception from being classed as a novice at the discretion of the Event Chairperson.

LIGHTS: All cars are required to have rear brake lights in working order

TRACK AREAS: All competitors will keep their cars parked in the paddock area. The only time a car should be on the pit lane is while entering and exiting a practice group. There will be absolutely no servicing of cars on the pit lane at any time during the day. All work must be performed in the paddock area only.

TECH INSPECTION: Your vehicle will be required to undergo a technical inspection at the event.  The tech inspection checklist is provided at registration. A copy is available here. Due to the strenuous nature of HPDE events it is recommended you have a qualified mechanic inspect your vehicle prior to arriving at the track.


The car must be presented to tech ready to run. This includes: tech sheet, numbers applied, all forward facing glass lights taped, interiors completely devoid of loose objects including floor mats, exhaust system as it is to be run during the event, helmet available, etc.

Cars without these items completed will be asked to return through tech again when they are completed. Please save us all some time and be ready the first time through. Convertibles must comply with SCCA regulations governing convertibles. 

OVERALL CONDITION OF THE CAR: Cars must be in good mechanical condition. 

Any rust areas will be inspected for safety, structural strength and to insure that no metal or other materials will fall off on the track.

NOTE: We do not require fire extinguishers 

Participant Conduct

The CONNECTICUT AUTOCROSS & RALLY TEAM, INC. expects sportsmanlike conduct from everyone involved. Under no circumstances will liquor, alcohol or drugs be consumed anywhere on the grounds during the event.  Anyone caught in violation will be expelled from further competition that day.

Please cooperate with us to ensure a safe, enjoyable day for everyone involved.


CART Cancellation and Refund Policy.


CART will issue a refund for cancelled track days up to 1 week prior to the event.  If a cancellation is necessary within a week of the event, CART will make every attempt to issue a credit towards a future event. Cancellations must be made in writing to the event registrar.  Failure to attend an event without notification forfeits the entry fee with no credit issued.

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