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Please let us know if the results need to be changed by next event.  IE wrong class or number. Updated 06/12/24.

Points system for the 2024 CART Season will be as follows:
First Place will be awarded 20 points, then each place following will be 2 points less. Example First place 20, second place 18, third place 16........down to 0.
Bonus points will be awarded depending on the number of drivers competing in your class. For each driver you beat, in your class, you will be awarded 1 bonus point, up to 4. 

Driver 1    1st place 20 Points    Beats 3 other drivers  3 points    Total 23 points Driver 2    2nd place 18 Points   Beats 2 other drivers  2 points    Total 20 points Driver 3    3rd place 16 Points    Beats 1 other driver   1 points     Total 17 points Driver 4    4th place 14 Points    Beats 0 other drivers  0 points    Total 14 points


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