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*all modified C.A.R.T. rules due to COVID-19 can be found in the "COVID-19 Information" tab under the "Schedule" tab.*

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Connecticut Autocross & Rally Team is having their next membership meeting on March 17th @ 7PM.

Call info to follow - being that it will be Saint Patrick's Day, this will probably be a meeting that you don't want to miss!

Q3 Newsletter!

See what CART has been up to!

Results from our last autocross of the season are posted under the event results tab! Thank you to Ali Separy and Ryan Stanson for the photographs!

CART Awarded "Time Trial Champion" by SCCA @ 75th Anniversary Nationals Event at Thompson Motor Speedway

"New for 2020, the Time Trials Champion award is presented to the participant who does the most to champion both the program and the experience of Time Trials. The Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team (CART) was not only indispensable throughout the weekend, helping with setup, tech, grid, timing and more, but they also have been some of the most ardent supporters of Time Trials in the New England area. For these reasons, the entire CART organization earned the honor of Thompson Time Trials Champion."

Thank you to SCCA and the entire CART family for continuing to dedicate your time and energy to making events like these possible. Our passion for motorsports would not be possible without you!

Photos from our 5/30 & 5/31 Autocross!

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